Fireboard GmbH

The Fireboard GmbH was founded in 2009 in Rodgau (near Frankfurt). Its objective was to refine and market its proprietary software Fireboard. Fireboard is operation control software to support work in the command vehicle and stations for all basic operating systems.

Fireboard GmbH currently has an in-house staff of 20 as well as 50 presenters and instructors throughout Germany.

The company’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining close proximity to all parties involved. The company maintains a large network of management contacts and decision-makers throughout all organizations., In addition to its software product, this allows Fireboard to combine a broad spectrum of specialized skills and core competences. This knowledge is transferred and conveyed in training courses, consultation sessions and workshops for each individual customer.

Founders and Managing Directors

Sebastian Heryk and Patrick Roth, Founders and Managing Directors

Patrick Roth joined the Nieder-Roden Youth fire brigade in 1984, Sebastian Heryk followed in 1995. The two computer scientists went on to volunteer for the Nieder-Roden fire brigade.

The fire brigade acquired a new command vehicle in 2001 and the two intensively explored the possibilities for using the vehicle. In built-in PC especially caught their interest, thanks to their knowledge of software development.

After installing countless programs and working with home-made solutions, the idea to develop a program to support the operation assistants in the command vehicle was born in 2008. The initial prototypes were tested, expanded and re-designed until Fireboard Version 1.0 was first used by a fire department outside of Rodgau in early 2009.

The growing interest and initial successes of Fireboard were the inspiration for founding Fireboard GmbH.

The team

Fireboard’s success is thanks to a strong team which takes care of its customers with competence, empathy and a personal touch. This goes for our office team in personal customer support, our presenters, who

demonstrate Fireboard and its functions on location, and, needless to say, our developers, who continuously refine Fireboard with passion.

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