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Fireboard is a program for computer-aided operation control. Developed for use in the command vehicle and at the station, Fireboard aids in on-site operation control. Fireboard is self-explanatory thanks to its simple and intuitive operation. This allows users to devote their full concentration to the operation situation. Preparations such as installation or configuration are not necessary. Fireboard comes on a USB stick, which it can be booted from.

The program has a modular configuration and can always be adapted to the existing structures of your organization. Fireboard can be expanded for various operational requirements with the five add-ons currently available: Operation Control, Situation Map, State-of-Emergency, SCBA Monitoring and Patient Management.

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Fireboard Operation Library

Operation Library – manage georeferenced documents.

Makes sure you’ll find everything at the operation location. The Operation Library allows you to save all important location information such as hydrants, local conditions and fire department plans in digitized and georeferenced forms so it will always be at your fingertips. See the benefits of the Operation Library for yourself.

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Unlimited installations of the Fireboard Base System and 50 megabytes of storage capacity for documents in the operation library.

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Fireboard Base System

Do you want to execute your procedures in the command vehicle and at the radio operation headquarters in a professional manner without the risks of homemade solutions? No problem! Download fireboards and start working with the cutting-edge form of operation control.

Illegible labels, lost notes and not having a way to access up-to-date information at the same time are all a thing of the past with Fireboard. All operation-related information is integrated, so you'll never have to waste time searching through folders.

Operation Control Add-On

The Operation Control Add-On forms the backbone for successful operations. It gives you an overview of the operation’s structure at all times. Lightning-fast access to all relevant information allows you to handle all operations independently and record legally admissible documentation on it.  Supplementing the base systems with the functions of the Operation Control Add-On allows you to display the complex interconnections of an operation even more efficiently and transparently.

Situation Map Add-On

The Situation Map Add-On is an indispensable instrument for situation recording and planning. This makes is a central control tool for tactical and operative considerations and measures during the operation. You can use maps from various different sources as the basis and individualize them to suit your exact requirements and supplement them with drawings, fire department plans or tactical signs of your own. The good overview of operation-related factors gives you ideal support during operations with the easy-to-use Situation Map Add-On.

State-of-Emergency Add-On

The State-of-Emergency Add-On is the ideal expansion for the Fireboard Operation Control Add-On to manage and organize large-area situations. The operation forces gain an effective solution for coordinating the many small-scale operations which must be handled during large-area situations such as scenarios with severe storms and events.

SCBA Monitoring Add-On

With the Fireboard SCBA Monitoring Add-On, the operation forces now have a tool for the targeted handling of the time-critical issue of respiratory protection monitoring without errors or great effort. Fireboard automatically records every input in the background so as to provide a complete chronological SCBA record after the operation which far exceeds the requirements of the FwDV 7 regulation for fire department services.

Patient Management Add-On

The Patient Management Add-On helps you ensure efficient procedures for medical services and large-scale events. It gives you a constant overview of evacuations of buildings with large numbers of people and provides rescue forces with a quick and structured view of the situation upon arrival.

Product training

Our product training is individually tailored to your requirements The safe use of Fireboard in a variety of scenarios is defined as the goal of the day, depending on the participants’ level of knowledge.  If they have previous knowledge, they can be trained in the use of Fireboard based on more complex training situations and in remote operation.

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A trial installation includes one or more full-fledged work station licenses for Fireboard which you can use for your operations for an agreed period of time at absolutely no obligation to you. This gives you plenty of time to try out Fireboard in all of its details and incorporate it in your organizational procedures.

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